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Security Zone In Eset Smart Security 7

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Hello, i'm french and i hope you will understand me...


I'm windows 7 proN user, and i use too eset smart security 7. I have problem to know if my security zone are finely set.


My network is like this :


I use one freebox from free.fr. The gateway is and my computer ip is 192.168.0.x. and my mask is

My dns server is because i use "unbound dns resolver".


I use too, sometime, an openvpn connection and sometime some proxy for firefox given by my vpn provider.


At this time, i have that in my security zone : (it's a translation from french, sorry....)


Trusted zone :    ip:192.168.0.x

Adresses excluded from active protection (ids) : ...

Address receiving notification regarding the unavailability of ports tcp/udp : ...

Addresses excluded from filtering protocol : ...

Dns server :   ip:; ipv6: fec0::ffff:0:0:0:1; ipv6: fec0::ffff:0:0:0:2; ipv6: fec0::ffff:0:0:0:3

Local adresses :    ip:; ip: 192.168.0.x; ipv6: ::1


I don't share file to another computer, i block netbios, distant desktop, file and printer sharing, i'm a standealone user, the only sharing file i do is with my freebox by ftp using my gateway ( with an authentification.


How must i set this security zone to be very safe to use with a very strict control, please ???



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