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Eset ARP flooding network causing Wifi issues

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Guest Sean


I've been having issue with my wifi at home, and while working with the wifi vendor (Ubiquiti) it turns out the issues are being cause by thousands of ARP requests flooding the network.

It appears Eset is causing these, I've only come to this conclusion by uninstalling Eset and the problem going away, I removed Eset Internet Security from one PC and had the others switched off and the problems went away. Then switched on one of the PCs that still had Eset Internet Security on, and the issue started up again - uninstalled Eset from that PC and the problem went away again.

So, it appears that Eset is flooding the network randomly with ARP requests - I'd like to keep using Eset, is this a known issue that can be resolved? I wonder if it's related to the Home Network mapper - but I'm not sure you can disable that part.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Unfortunately this is not a quick question but a report of an issue. Please sign up for the ESET forum and re-post in the appropriate product subforum while enclosing logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

If it's ARP cache poisoning attacks which are detected, you can create an IDS exception so that the detection is not triggered.

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Guest Sean

Thanks Marcus - I will have a look at doing that - the issue is, it appeared to be Eset that was causing the flooding, and I have uninstalled Eset and the issue has gone, i.e. there are no more ARP Floods happening since Eset is uninstalled.

I'm going to have to install Eset again to cause the problem to get the logs.

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