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ESET file security make Exchange crash

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Hi all,

I install ESET file security 7.3 for exchange 2013 (windows server 2008 r2) server by eset security management center , first install agent , then install ESET file security
After awhile , first scan run and my exchange server IIS crash , I cannot access owa , ecp , outlook
I uninstall ESET file security 7.3 from server by using "add or remove program"
I try to uninstall eset agent but fail,
So I try to use eset security management center , create task uninstall agent , they are "running" and I can see agent disappear from "add or remove program" but , task keep running for long time. Please give me some advice.




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Try running the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode.

Then re-deploy the agent and install the latest version of ESET Server Security v8.0.12003.

If you have a license for ESET Mail Security and want to protect MS Exchange, install ESET Mail Security for MS Exchange v8.0.10014 instead.

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