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Endpoint Security: figuring which category a blocked URL belongs to


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I'm using ESET Protect to manage our 8.x ES clients. I'm also utilizing the embedded URL category filtering.

A couple of years ago, when our fleet was still at version 6.5, when a URL was blocked it was possible to view the specific category the URL belonged in. If the URL should not have been blocked, then the URL could obviously be white-listed. In more than one case I had to white-list the entire ES URL category. Knowing the URL block category was pretty useful, I could just modify my policies accordingly.

I am not able to find this functionality in 8.x clients. The ESET block message that appears does not include the category. Therefore, I can not white-list the category this URL belongs to.

How can one find which category a blocked URL belongs to?

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(bump) Anyone from ESET care to comment?

I have been having users query why "normal" sites are blocked and I am clueless on how to debug this. I definitely need to know the ESET category that a blocked URL belongs to, in order to take corrective action!

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