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  1. @Marcos good news and bad news: ran certfix yesterday via GPO on around 150 PCs. At the time went smoothly, all clients have started updating virus bases and messages about phishing not operational have disappeared from all. Status on ESMC console was either all-ok or yellow (due to ESMC agent being an older version for example, nothing serious). Today, I've received at least 3 calls from users whose systems I personally checked that were ok. In all 3 cases: * the phishing problem came up * along with a new one, pop/http scanners do not work So far it's 3 systems, not sure if this is a regression of some sort. WIll install 6.5.2132.5 as per: https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue
  2. Hoping that I've not deleted them yet, will do so in the evening. Ok to PM you a link to my MEGA share? Expected so, then perhaps try the following:
  3. Does the ESET uninstaller delete the c:\programdata\eset directory as well? If I were to enter safe mode, I'd do so to eradicate the actual cause of the problem, ie the files residing under c:\programdata\eset\eset security\IPM Perhaps the issue appears even on clean installations: upon execution of a license-expiring ESET app, c:\programdata\eset\eset security\IPM gets populated and causes the issue. In this case safe mode cleaning with the uninstaller won't help (since upon new installation the entire C:\programdata\eset directory will be re-created along with problematic IPM entries). Suggestion: with nod32 already installed and the issue existing, enter safe mode, only to delete those files residing under IPM. Is the issue resolved in that scenario?
  4. What I meant is that in order to get to advanced setup, you must be able to open the eset application window; if you have this issue, you simply can't!
  5. @itmanNot sure if that would work. In my case, I could not "hold" the eset window long enough to even open the settings... @Marcossetting this to "Solved", considering a solution has been found.
  6. That solved the problem in all 3 systems I had issues with.
  7. I've opened a ticket already, do you want me to pm you the ref number? For the record I re-posted some of the information you've asked because I was looking for them in Program Files, instead of ProgramFiles. Is it a problem if I do the safe-mode move on my daughter's system? I'd like to avoid shutting down my main rig... <offtopic>There is a problem with your ticket submission system, it does not accept mailboxes of the form mailname+alias@gmail.com. It treats the plus sign as an invalid character. This is incorrect handling as per the SMTP specification. Due to the bug right now, my browsing is very slow for some reason. Google "plus sign in mail", there's a Rutgers CS link that contains both informal explanations as well as the BNF of RFC822 (IIRC) which clearly shows + is a valid character, and widely used in Google to create pseudo-emails.</offtopic>
  8. There is an ECP directory, but it is empty. Can not tell, sorry There are 3 directories, 2, 3, and 5.
  9. @Marcos I think perhaps you should try to reproduce this in your lab, with a license close to expiration...
  10. Just checked my son's and my daughter's laptops, which have the same windows and the same nod32 and license: the same issue is exhibited!
  11. Yes, this is exactly what I've been encountering. @Marcos, since @NicoW stated that he corrected things by pushing back the date, could this be related to the issue encountered on Endpoint Security 6.5, some kind of regression? @NicoW can you also open a ticket and provide logs, as discussed above please, to accelerate a solution?
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