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Webproxy.exe As A Virus!

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Hello there.


I started my PC this morning and found my CPU usage at 100% just because of this webproxy.exe which most say is from Panda antivirus but here it functions as a nasty virus that cannot be detected by my Eset or even deleted manually!! I've been searching the net for any kind of solution but none worked so far.


What should I do? Should I reinstall windows or else?


Thanks for your time.



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If it is this : hxxp://www.isthisfilesafe.com/sha1/E74A4396A56EA74425B343187B61B8FA328CB27C_details.aspx

Then you have nothing to worry about. It's Panda's


However if it is this:



It just came out and was first seen on April 12th 2014.

Here is what i would do.

If you can find it/see it.

Right click the file, and choose Advanced options >

Submit File for Analysis


Check file reputation using ESET's Live Grid - (Take a picture or screen shot and post it back here as soon as you can)


After that, i would call ESET directly and have them investigate.


If you really want to investigate and find proof right now. Download HashSlash here !!

Open it, and insert the webproxy.exe

Obtain the results of MD5 and SHA1


Here are the hashes of the true spyware webproxy.exe


  • MD5: 035F02B14F1F8437E215F2E9194083C0
  • SHA-1: 2A9ADE64E5EB60ACCFC8CC1AEBB16F0467181746


Good luck Bethidralas

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Bethidralas replied in PM's


He compared the hashes, discovered he was indeed infected and had the false webproxy.exe.


I encouraged an in-depth scan, which he said came back stating taskmanager was either infected, or he had a fake one.


His decision was to reinstall windows and end troubleshooting/support.

Maybe not the course of action i would have taken, but i am proud of his decision and it will for sure end to resolution and the malware getting removed completely. :)


Good day~

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Thanks for sharing, yeah he could have tried a few more things before format, but he will be malware free when he's up and running again at least wich will feel great.  :)

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