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Generating Custom Reports (That Are Not Predefined) ?

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I really enjoy the reporting feature to visualize any threats to my clients. However, there are certain things I'd like to be able to see that the current list of reports/templates do not offer. I also use Spiceworks, an inventory tool that monitors device status, installed applications, hardware specs, and more. They also have a reporting feature as well. If there isn't any predefined reports that has the information you are looking for, it is possible to pull your database and create a custom report in SQL.


I was wondering if it is possible to create your own custom report tailored to your needs in ESET? Especially considering there is an Import button makes me think it should be possible.


I exported a random predefined report and found that it is created in .XML. Is there some sort of resource or reference guide I can go to find out all the node names and values?



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So I did lots of looking into this and managed to locate the database in C:/ProgramData/ESET/ESET Remote Administrator/Server/database. It was a .mdb file, so I opened it in Microsoft Access. I was able to make a query and get the information I wanted. I exported it to an .xml file and then tried to import it into ESET Reports tab.


I received an error code 80025, 0.


I know this has to do with formatting the headers but even then, I really do not know where/how to start. I referred to the test .xml I made the other day, and tried to copy the headers but it still did not work. I know I am getting closer ! I only need just a little push in the right direction. Does anyone know HOW to generate a report and IMPORT it, once they've access to the database?

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Hi bbraunstein,


Creating your own report or template by creating/modifying the XML code is not officially supported. The only supported method is to create a custom template using the Remote Administrator Console. For more information, please see the ESET Knowledgebase article below:

How do I create a custom web dashboard report in ESET Remote Administrator? (5.x)


Other members of the community may have suggestions how to accomplish this, however.


Thank you,


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