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Possible to exclude sites from Anti-phishing sites?

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We're attempting to run a simulated phishing attack via MS Office365 as a test against our users and it seems that ESET is so good, it's blocking these too.

Get started using Attack simulation training - Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

As it's the only option, we've excluded the sites listed from URL Address Management (both allowed & excluded from content scan) but the Anti-Phishing filter is still picking these up with no way to exclude them short of switching off the protection entirely which is obviously not ideal.

Have I missed an option somewhere?

Alternatively, could these sites be excluded at the filter level (or an option added in later releases to toggle known test sites on/off)?

SMC 7.2 on CentOS (VA)
Endpoint AV 8.0.2028.0


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The domains will be unblocked. However, adding them to the list of allowed websites with wildcards should work.

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Thanks Marcos,

We hadn't been using wildcards so we'll add this and give it a go.

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