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My Eset wasn't working it said due to overuse of license. I only have one computer, so I went online to my license page and there were a ton of other computers using my license! I used the menu for each to rename them(I called them all "STOPSTEALING" and numbered them) then I disconnected them. I also changed my password immediately, and did not use the link provided in the email that originally came warning me about the problem (for fear it was phony). The very next day, they were all back!! I took them all off again, changed pass, etc., then the NEXT day they were back again!!!

How can I regain control of my account and license???? Changing my password does NOTHING!!

I also tried calling customer support over and over. Nobody answers!

Thanks in advance!!

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We've checked the license and devices that you have in my.eset.com and didn't find anything unusual.

Currently you have 1 device there (Z*****A) and your license seems to be used only on 1 device. I assume that is because you have already removed/disconnected the rogue devices from the list, haven't you?

Once you have changed the password to my.eset.com, you should be fine. Should other rogue devices appear, we can reset your license key on request.

It is obvious that your email address has been compromised in other service breaches. We strongly recommend using a unique stronger password when creating accounts:


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