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ARP cache poisoning attack

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My director keeps getting an ESET pop up saying:425341853_IMG-20210323-WA0003(1).thumb.jpg.f39ccea6a8d05b23a9da5e80f138d394.jpg


We think it may be her netgear box that is the problem. I have asked her to check if it is password protected like her router.


What should i do in response to the following message that then pops up? Any other info gratefukly received as her last laptop was sending spam from her email purporting to be from her. We have changed all her passwords but fear this may happen again

Thanks a lot


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This is the second recent posting in regards to Netgear hardware.

It a Netgear Wi-Fi Extender installed on the network?

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Refer to this posting with someone with the same issue: https://forum.eset.com/topic/27838-arp-cache-poisoning-notification-after-adding-extender/ .

You can exclude IPv4 local subnet addresses covered by extender by specifying their range in Eset IDS exclusion zone - see below screen shot. Also what appears to have worked for the other thread poster was to perform IPv4 network rest.


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