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Unable to login ESET Protect portal

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I have successfully upgraded ESMC7.1 to EP8 using EP8 AIO installer, including MS SQL 2019. But I cannot login to EP8 portal after upgrading, the error is "Login failed: Connection has failed with state "Not connected""

I have restarted SQL server, ESET Protect server service, Apache tomcat service, but issue is still persist. Trace log is attached. Thank you




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  • ESET Staff

From provided logs it seem that EP service is not able to finalize upgrade of data, because it has not enough resources or there is some HW or operating system issues.
Could you please monitor system resources of both EP service and also DB server and possibly check they are not hitting limits? Most probable cause will be insufficient memory, either for EP service or DB server itself, as few failures do indicate that database shutdown was also reason for failures.

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