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Strange Firewall profile

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My best guess is this Eset firewall profile was created as a result of Xbox activity. This will be a bit of an involved posting.

By default, Eset uses the Win inbound firewall rules unless a specific Eset firewall inbound firewall rule exists that block the activity. Also Eset has a default rule to allow all IPv6 tunnel activity.

Next is the Win inbound firewall rule in regards to Teredo allows all UDP traffic originating from the Win iphelper service.

A while back, I had an issue with outbound Xbox traffic occurring despite the fact I never used the app or had a Xbox controller attached to my PC. I tried everything to stop this outbound Xbox traffic to no avail. Of note is Xbox uses Teredo. Also it appears in regards to Xbox that a Teredo connection does not have to be set up for your network adapter in Win 10. I finally just uninstalled Xbox completely which got rid of the outbound connections. One possibility is I have a router issue. My son visited last summer and established a Wi-Fi connection on the router for his Xbox. That connection still exists on the router and might be compromised in some way. Will have to delete it. Of interest is my PC uses an Ethernet connection however.

It is also possible that using Eset's Home Connected monitor feature caused the Teredo firewall profile to be created. It does query the router for all network connections.

What I believe happened is the above "gyrations" caused Eset to detect a Teredo connection and establish a firewall profile for it. Since I have deleted the Eset firewall profile for Teredo, it has never reappeared.

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