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ESMC Web console not upgraded to 8x

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Please refer to https://help.eset.com/protect_install/80/en-US/components_upgrade.html:


oApache Tomcat is not upgraded during the ESET PROTECT Web Console upgrade via the Components Upgrade task.

oESET PROTECT Web Console upgrade does not work if Apache Tomcat was installed in a custom location.

oIf a custom version of Apache Tomcat is installed (manual installation of the Tomcat service), the subsequent ESET PROTECT Web Console upgrade via the All-in-one installer or via Components Upgrade Task is not supported.



Components that must be upgraded manually:

Apache Tomcat (we strongly recommend that you keep Apache Tomcat up-to-date, see Upgrading Apache Tomcat)

Database Server

Apache HTTP Proxy (can be achieved using All-in-one installer, see Upgrading Apache HTTP Proxy)

ESET Rogue Detection Sensor - Use the Software Install task for upgrade. Alternatively, install a newer version over the older version (follow the installation instructions for Windows or Linux). If you installed RD Sensor with ESMC 7.2, you do not need to upgrade it, as there are no new RD Sensor releases.

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