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Mail Security Update clears local quarantine?

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Hi there,

one of my customers used the ESET PROTECT tasks to update a Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange and as a side effect the local Quarantine has been cleared.

Two Questions:

Is this supposed to happen?

Can the quarantine be restored from Backups (Veeam)?


System Information:

ESET PROTECT (Server), Version 8.0 (8.0.2216.0)
ESET PROTECT (Web Console), Version 8.0 (

ESET Mail Security 7.3.10011.0 


Thanks in advance

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Would be nice to know.


I couldnt install the update from 7.2 to 7.3 without renaming the program folder and run a new installation. Now the quarantine data is stuck in the old folder (in Programdata) and i can't copy it to the "new" quarantine.

It's not exactly the same problem but the new quarantine is empty even though we imported the old configuration.

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