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Protoscan Proxy Agent Cannot accept connection: Too many open files

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I am running latest Catalina macOS and it happens from time to time, without any specific periodicity that Safari cannot establish HTTPS connection as well as other apps fails to connect to internet or even to LAN.


Looking into Log Files -> Events I can see plenty of such messages:


16/12/2020, 13:04:30    Protoscan Proxy Agent    Cannot accept connection: Too many open files


after some time issue is gone.


OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Safari: 14.2

ESET v: 6.10.406.1


Does anyone else suffer from this misbehaviour? I was also present on older ESET software, but gotten better a bit once I upgraded macOS as well as ESET product.




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Thanks Marcos,

just have collected the logs, however submit page for ticket seems to have a problem...

once I fill out all the fields here -> https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/ and click 'Send'

I get an error (maybe because my customet_info.zip is 52MB in size, while support webpage limits any file to size of 2MB max).


Please advise.

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