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ESET Cyber Security (Mac version) --- System startup file check

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The Scheduler in ESET's Cyber Security app has a feature where 2 events named Automatic startup file check initiate a System startup file check whenever the user logs in and when modules are successfully updated.  In reviewing the application's documentation, there is no discussion as to what these events or processes do.

ESET also has a Windows version of the Cyber Security application and while those docs do discuss this feature, the discussion is pretty anemic and what is there doesn't really relate to the macOS operating system.

Any feedback and\or insight is appreciated.

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As far as I know, it's nowhere mentioned what exactly is scanned by startup scans either on Windows or Mac. One thing is that it could change between versions and the information could also be misused by crooks to find a way how to bypass startup scans. You can open a ticket with your local ESET support but I as I wrote, I for one don't think that details could be disclosed by developers.

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