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MariaDB Support for ESMC?

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Are there any plans to support MariaDB for ESMC? Reliance on Oracle encumbered products is a bad idea in this day and age, open source or not, it's time to move on to avoid being caught by Oracle finding ways to screw its users.

From 2017: https://forum.eset.com/topic/11212-mariadb-official-support/

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Oh dear, nevermind, I've just done a trial run of setting up an ESMC instance and the prerequisites and dependencies for ESMC are a ridiculous joke for 2020. Very specific ODBC builds? Obsolete OpenSSL versions? Asking to support a whole different database (despite using ODBC abstraction!) is a pipedream if they can't even get these dependencies cleaned up.

I really wish we hadn't renewed given what a mess this is, would have been easier and better to migrate to different product.

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OpenSSL comment is wrong, was looking at 7.0 documentation not 7.2. Needs to be a bigger banner about what version the documentation is on, not even sure how I ended up in 7.0 docs as I started in 7.2...

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