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HTTP error 404 - Not found after upgrade from era 6 to 7

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Hello community,

I present my problem, I update the Eset Console to the latest version and now I have a 404 error when I want to enter.


Reading in other forums they recommend that you update java to version 8 and it is currently at 8.


They also recommend checking if I have files in the following path: C: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ apache-tomcat-9.0.33 \ webapps and if I have.

I use Windows.
Please I need a hand.

Thank you Sorry for my English.

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide more details of Apache Tomcat you are using? Was it also updated (depends on method you used)? Could you also verify Apache Tomcat service is actually running and possibly listening on expected ports?

Also I would recommend to check Apache Tomcat logs for clue - it would show issues with Java configuration if this is the case. Also please double check that "era" subdirectory in webapps actually contains all data.

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