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Would you take 3 for the price of 2 :)


I'm not sure why but when I first read your post, I didn't read it correctly.  I thought you were jokingly suggesting 2 years for the price of 3, hence my saracastic response.




Are you an official ESET reseller?


I qualify for a decent enough discount to renew.  £27.94 for one year, £50.33 for 2 years and £67.90 for 3.  The one year renewal discount is great but the other two aren't quite as attractive which is why I'm wondering if there's a 2 for 1 deal available anywhere online.

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Hi again,


Its no problem ;)

Yeah i am an official reseller, you can send me a PM regarding deals, however i assume you are in the UK, and from your pounds symbols :)

Any specials would need to be made through a distributor in your area.


There are rules/guidelines that come with being a partner , cannot break or you can lose your

trust relationship and partnership with the company. :o

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