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Not charging correctly after installed ESET

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I installed ESET in both notebooks at home that we need to use for schools. From the next day that I installed ESET, at each notebook (Dell Inspiron 13 5000 and HP) they started to show a warning that the battery is not correctly charging, is not charging more than 18 resp. 15% and saying that necessary to change the cable. I buyed for the Inspiron a new cable 5 months ago. 

I dont want to say that it was ESET, but at both notebooks it started a day after I installed ESET (different days) I de-installed in the older HP and it finished to show this warning. On both notebooks I had McAfee before and I amnot able to correctly or fully de-install it (even with the ESET tool) and in the older HP I had ESET but no actual for 2 years.

Do you have any experience or advise on this please? is it only a concidence?

Thank you. 

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What ESET product are you referring to? You have posted in the forum for ESET products for mobile devices, ie. for ESET Mobile Security for Android and Parental Control for Android.

To confirm or rule out that ESET is involved in the issue, you can try temporarily uninstalling it and see if it makes a difference or not.

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