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Machine Learning

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Prior to version of EIS it was easy to disable machine learning in settings, but I am unable to find an option to disable machine learning in this version of EIS. Can anyone tell how to disable machine learning in EIS and at the same time keep real time protection enable (which means detection will be based on cloud+heuristics+signatures)

how to disable machine learning detection ?

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Change protection settings to "Cautious" as shown below. However, we recommend keeping "Balanced" selected. Are you getting any FPs at the Balanced level?


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i had set to aggressive, but it also detects samples via ml augur (machine learning), i want software to stop detecting via machine learning.

so will keeping the settings to balance also detect sample under ml augur

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Also these new settings are describe in detail in version 13.1.64 online help:



Several keynotes when setting up an appropriate threshold for your environment:

The Balanced threshold is recommended for most of the setups.

The Cautious threshold represents a comparable level of protection from previous versions of ESET Internet Security (13.0 and below). This is recommended for environments where the priority focuses on minimizing false identified objects by security software.

The higher reporting threshold, the higher detection rate but a higher chance of falsely identified objects.

From the real-world perspective, there is no guaranty of a 100% detection rate as well as a 0% chance to avoid incorrect categorization of clean objects as malware.

Keep ESET Internet Security and its modules up-to-date to maximize the balance between performance and accuracy of detection rates and the number of falsely reported objects.


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