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Outlook Sync and conflict errors

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Marco - an administrator has written a few times about these errors stating a newer version will solve the issue. We are now on 7.2.2055 and still get the sync and conflict issue. Any resolution other than "it will be fixed in the next version"?


"In this case it's the PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS_W property which is in conflict. The property contains transport-specific message envelope information for email and this modification cannot be avoided. If email is scanned on the mail server, disable integration with MS Outlook.

As of Enpoint 7.1, processing email messages will be completely revamped and will ultimately prevent sync issues from occurring."

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You can try disabling writing to emails - disable modification of the email subject or appending tags to scanned email. If that doesn't help, the ultimate solution will be a new revamped Outlook plug-in that will be included not sooner than in Endpoint 7.3 later this year.

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