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ESET UI suggestions


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I've been using this program for a long time. As time changes, so does your background, wallpaper and taste in visuals.

So I would like to suggest some new features.
Such as:
Background and foreground colour settings for UI
Text size and colour settings.
Ability to change the background of ESET while keeping in the UI and robot.

Optional "gamer UI" mode, like RGB keyboards and RGB mouses. Why not have the ability to make the outlines of your anti-virus program look neat?

(With settings to change colour change and speed)

RAM useage alert. I had a issue where a game used almost all the RAM on my PC, causing a few ESET modules to crash.

I do have other utilities displaying my RAM, but I rather have a popup to warn me just in case if ESET is about to run out of memory. 



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