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Can License Manager identify devices intelligently?


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Has anything been published about the listing of devices in License Manager?
If not, how intelligent is License Manager at identifying and monitoring devices? (If "not very", then perhaps I should simply ignore the facility, especially given that I have just the one license and only 4 devices.

What event triggers a change in the "Last connected" date displayed below each device?

I use my Multi-Device license for 2x phones (Android 9), 1x PC* (Win7) and 1x Laptop (Win10). (I have currently no use for a 5th possible device.)
*I view License Manager on this device only
At the moment 5 devices are displayed: "Motorola", "Motorola", "PC", "PC-1", "Laptop".

I would like to change the names of these devices to avoid duplications & confusion and any risk of deleting my license from the wrong device one day: how can I know which "Motorola" is which and/or whether "PC" or "PC-1" is my PC?

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