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chrome.exe odd statistics in SS7

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Am running ESET Smart Security 7.  Recently had what was probably a virus, had cssrs.exe.mui files running and slowing down my computer significantly.  I reinstalled Windows about 10 days ago and the computer is running much better.


However, when looking at processes running in SS7, there's a chrome.exe process.  Nothing unusual about that since I'm running chrome, but the risk level shows the warning sign (asterisk in orange background), and the number of users is level 1.  The file was discovered 5 days ago.  I would definitely expect the user level to be 3 for chrome.


Also, restarted Windows today after installing some updates, and my computer went to Pacific time (I'm on Eastern time).  Not sure if that normally happens but given recent events seems odd because when I ran the Homegroup Troubleshooter it indicated that the time was out of sync with my time zone after I had changed the clock back to Eastern time.  I had been getting a dropbox message saying the time wasn't in sync with my computer when I had the virus.  So may still have issues.


Anyone know about chrome.exe?  I did submit to ESET for analysis.  Thanks.

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Running version 33.0.1750.154 m


Chrome indicates it's up to date.


SHA1 is 7754047d6c7e0610e93db2a43a05a7d7ec1d1cf9


MD5 is 3a924b200d86590d2c83214cebfa9742


It now shows as Number of Users level 3 in SS7 and the Risk Level shows the green checkmark.


So, should be ok?  Thanks.

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MD5: 3a924b200d86590d2c83214cebfa9742
SHA1: 7754047d6c7e0610e93db2a43a05a7d7ec1d1cf9
SHA256: 1525f5507d9e7ad2c14a29e6db31d56d798f1c2fbc86987dcd57704f7a0c2b1b

Version 33.0.1750.154

Verified as un-changed. :)

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