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Problems installing NOD 32 Antivirus in windows XP

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Dear Forum members:


I am having a problem installing the nod 32 antivirus into a client's laptop the version is in spanish and i am using the installation CD. Everything goes fine but when it comes to the part where it says that it is initiating or starting services it stays there and doesn't move on. I can wait as long as i can but it stays there and it doesn't finish the installation. It also shows me a message that it has some kind of problems or errors with the nod 32 core and after a while it freezes the computer.


I have tried another installation disc but that's not the problem the same thing happens.


I would appreciate if you could give me a hint of what could it be. The laptop has windows xp and i think also service pack 3.

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Instead of using the disc, have you tried downloading the latest from the website, and/or trying the online installer ?

You can use the same license that came with the disc on the newer versions. :)

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Yes, the install package on the cd may be quite old. As suggested by Arakasi, pleaee use the latest version downloadable from ESET's website.

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I tried the other installer and now it worked but first i had to run some registry repair tools and the eset online scanner i had some hidden malware that was causing problems. Finally the nod 32 antivirus is installed and working i am doing another scan in case of...


Thanks to everybody



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