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BYOD Really Means Bring Your Own Risk


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A new survey by Nationwide Insurance found that while 83 percent of small businesses let their employees work from home when necessary, one-fifth of these companies don’t provide cybersecurity training, Fox Business reports.

Additionally, half of small business owners haven’t updated their remote security policies within the past year. Nationwide says that untrained employees working remotely are one of the biggest threats to an organization’s security posture.

Catherine Rudow, Nationwide’s vice president of cyber insurance, cited public WiFi connections as an example of this risk. An employee’s computer could be hacked over a public network away from their organization’s internal defenses. This can also lead to further attacks, as the hacker lies in wait on the victim’s computer until the employee connects to the company’s internal network. Rudow pointed out that employees might not know that they’re targets if they haven’t received proper training.

“Many employees may not realize the magnitude of risk associated with a cyberattack as they may not have engaged in a formal training process,” Rudow said. “The scary truth is that many small business owners, even if they are aware of these risks, have not implemented all the proper measures of protection.”


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