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Staying Focused with Eset

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Since the recent Eset core update some months ago, I've been experiencing frustration with Eset's stealing focus from whatever program I happen to be working in when a scan starts up (no scheduled scans). I can be working in Microsoft Word, typing along on a document, and suddenly realize that nothing's appearing because focus was stolen. Same with email compositions, spreadsheets, Adobe applications, web browsing, browsing files...  pretty much ANY activity! 

I thought I'd read on this site that this is a known issue which will be corrected in a future Eset update, but there has been no information as to when that will be.

The workaround solution, I discovered, is to enable Gamer Mode; I have not experienced an instance of stolen focus for the past week, although seeing the orange exclamation mark atop the Eset icon in the toolbar still has me rolling my eyes. Disabling the Gamer Mode resumes the stolen focus issue, of course, so for now I guess this is a "permanent" new setting Eset users will need to simply accept?

--Timothy Kline


Eset Internet Security, Version, Running on Windows 8.1 with latest Microsoft updates

Detection Engine: 19603 (20190629)
Rapid Response module: 14460 (20190629)
Update module: 1014 (20180123)
Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1552.4 (20190613)
Advanced heuristics module: 1192 (20190204)
Archive support module: 1288 (20190606)
Cleaner module: 1194 (20190522)
Anti-Stealth support module: 1151 (20190326)
Firewall module: 1389 (20190510)
ESET SysInspector module: 1275 (20181220)
Translation support module: 1747 (20190612)
HIPS support module: 1358 (20190429)
Internet protection module: 1367 (20190521)
Web content filter module: 1071 (20190605)
Advanced antispam module: 7807 (20190625)
Database module: 1106 (20190605)
Configuration module (33): 1745.7 (20190326)
LiveGrid communication module: 1053 (20190321)
Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405)
Banking & payment protection module: 1153 (20190618)
Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1019 (20170825)
Network protection module: 1680 (20190403)
Router vulnerability scanner module: 1062 (20190515)
Script scanner module: 1052 (20190618)
Connected Home Network module: 1030.2 (20190424)
Cryptographic protocol support module: 1028.1 (20190327)
Databases for advanced antispam module: 3007 (20190629)
Deep behavioral inspection support module: 1078 (20190530)



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