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Eset Endpoint Security


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Hi, Im one of the Technical Engineer of Eset here in the Philippines, I have encountered Issues after we Install ESET on Servers, They are using Microsoft Dynamic 2012 application,  there is an error prompted every time employees trying to print preview the specific items on that application it says "The request failed with HTTP status 401:Unauthorized".  We try to uninstall the Eset File Security on Server and the ESET Agent and the application si working, when we try again to install same error code prompted. Is there any configuration that we can do to fix this issue.



http error.JPG

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First of all, since you work for our distributor you should turn to ESET HQ tech support which is your 1st support line. You'll need to narrow it down to the particular protection feature or setting that makes the error go away if disabled.

That said, you should start with pausing protection / real-time protection, disabling protocol filtering, HIPS (requires a reboot), etc.

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