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BSOD windows sandbox


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On windows 10 Enterprise build 1903. Windows Sandbox feature cannot be installed. When I add the feature and restart the computer, I get BSOD (edevmon.sys....). After loop of 3 BSODs, automatic repair reverts sandbox installation...

ESET endpoint security 7.0.2100.4

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Hello @mate,

I would start with installing the most up to date version of the Endpoint i.e. 7.1.2045.5, you can download it at https://www.eset.com/int/business/endpoint-security-windows/download/

In case the BSOD happens with it as well, please collect the 1. output from ESET Log Collector, pack it along with the 2. full crash memory dump, upload it to a safe location and send me a private message with download details and reference to this topic, I will try to assist you. 

Regards, Peter

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