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My Android doesn't get new updates since early morning of 16th april

Last version is 11711

Is it normal or are there some problems with the update servers for Android smartphones?

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Hello Wallaby....take a look at this link and see if it helps.


Do I need to update manually?

ESET Mobile Security will update automatically at least once a day as long as your Android device has an active internet connection. Performing a manual update is only necessary if an error is causing ESET Mobile Security not to receive automatic updates, or if you want to check for updates that have been made available since the last time your device received an automatic update. Although it is possible to change the update interval in ESET Mobile Security, it is not recommended, as regular detection modules updates are an integral part of keeping your device safe.


and https://support.eset.com/kb85/



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Just to note that 11711 is the latest available update for Android, when lot of "general" signatures posted in the following days report "Android" (like 19206... 19216, 19217, 19218 to name few examples)

So what's the problem?

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