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Reputation warning sign, should I worry?

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I've just started using Eset Internet Security and after installing this text expansion tool I get the attached notification when it wants to connect to internet.

It's an open source tool, and the connection occurs after checking for an update, but there's a warning sign in the Reputation section of the notification. Should I worry or not? Could the remote system be malicious, or is the reputation warning only generated because the tool is relatively unknown?



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You seem to be using the firewall in interactive mode. In this mode it's up to the user to decide if he or she trusts the communication or not. You ESET IS tells you that the vendor of the application is not known, that it's relatively new (3 months old) and only very few people have in on their machines. Since you have installed the application intentionally, I assume you trust it so you should allow the communication.

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