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Eset website security badge

Antony Kidless

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I will describe the problem.

I developed a random password generator https://randompasswordgenerator.org/ this is a progressive web application. All passwords are generated locally on the user's computer. I noticed that many users do not trust my website. Therefore, I wanted to add "Eset website security badge" to my website in order to increase user confidence.

I would like to add a clickable badge so that when users click on it, the Eset website opens with information about the security check of my website.

Do you have such functionality?

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @Antony Kidless

such feature is currently not available, we do not provide yet any services to secure external websites.

On the other hand I guess not many users would trust it anyway as the passwords are really delicate secrets and not many people would be able to verify, that the passwords are generated locally and not not leave the computer,...

Regards, Peter

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