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New EMSX Install

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I have just purchased the ESET Secure Business package for our company and had a few questions about EMSX.  Currently, we have SMTP routed to a DMZ server that only has IIS installed for SMTP flow, then to our encryption appliance, then to the exchange server.  I was hoping to deploy EMSX on the server in the DMZ, but we don't have any licenses to install Exchange on that server.  So my question is, does Exchange NEED to be installed on our DMZ server or will EMSX install and work correctly without it; using just IIS?

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Hello dpaul@pionbank,


ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server (EMSX) requires a supported version of Exchange to be installed on the system prior to installing EMSX. It will not install on a system without Exchange.

For support operating systems and versions of Exchange, please see Section 1.2 - System Requirements in the EMSX User Guide.


Thank you,


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