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Al conectar cualquier dispositivo de almacenamiento, ya sea USB, disco duro externo, mi Laptop se reinicia, tiene sistema operativo Windows 10 64bits y ESET Endpoint Version 6.4.2014.2.

alguna solución a este problema.


Machine translation:

When connecting any storage device, be it USB or external hard drive, my laptop restarts. It has Windows 10 64bits operating system and ESET Endpoint version 6.4.2014.2.

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Since this is an English forum, we kindly ask you to post in English so that moderators and other users can understand and be able to help you.

Please start off by upgrading Endpoint to the latest v7.

Should the problem persist, configure the OS to generate complete memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/kb380/. The next time the system crashes, a complete memory dump will be generated. Please contact your local customer care and supply them with the dump (compressed in an archive) for further analysis by ESET engineers.


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