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Urgent - What changes were made since last week?

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I'm on version 7.0.302.26.


I'd like to know what changes were made since last week because since then, a program I use, Multicharts it takes ages to open or not open at all.


I've been a user of ESET for the past 4 years or so, a very happy user. 

You guys were the only ones that would use very little computer resources and would not mess up the realtime data I receive from Multicharts.


Since last week Multicharts started to not open at all (hang up and never open).

I contacted Multicharts support, they connected to my computer, made tests upon tests, than they started to  change some ESET configurations and by magic all seemed fine.

Today, when I tried to open Multicharts, the same thing happened, I cannot open it.


I've been changing ESET configurations and nothing happens.


Since there was no changes in Multicharts and everything else on my computer is working fine I must assume that you guys change something on your daily updates that it seems blocking Multicharts.


Please advise because I cannot have this type of situation since I use Multicharts on my work.




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Does temporarily disabling firewall, web access protection or protocol filtering (in the advanced setup) make a difference?

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Do you have Windows XP?


If YES - "Automatic updates" are the most probable cause. Check the process SVCHOST - it may be using 99% of CPU




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