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how to setup eset to smart phone

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  1. Using your Android device, open the Google Play app and search for ESET Mobile Security. You can also visit the Google Play store using your computer and trigger your product to download to your device remotely.
  1. Tap Install.

Figure 1-1

  1. Tap Open when the installation is complete.


Figure 1-2

  1. Select your desired language and country and tap Accept. By tapping Accept, you agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement.


Figure 1-3

  1. Review the information and tap Accept in the User consent screen.


Figure 1-4

  1. Select whether you want to participate in ESET LiveGrid feedback system.


Figure 1-5

  1. Review the permissions for ESET Mobile Security and tap Continue when you are ready. Tap Allow twice. If you do not tap Allow, your installation will not continue. If you receive the "Screen overlay detected" message, you must resolve the permissions settings issue before you continue with the steps in this article.


Figure 1-6

  1. Tap Next.
    1. Select your email address. 

If you already purchased a license, select the email address you entered when purchasing ESET Mobile Security. If you purchased your license through Google Play, select your gmail account. This is the email address that will receive password reset emails from ESET if you forget your security password and need to unlock your device.

  1. Tap OK. 
Use another email address without syncing a new email account to your device.


Figure 1-7


  1. Tap Start first scan to start scanning your device for malicious software and to close the Setup Wizard.

Purchase a license to use premium features

IMPORTANT: Premium features including Anti-Theft, SMS & Call Filter, Security Audit, Anti-Phishing, and Remote Wipe are only available to users with a paid license. Click here for instructions to upgrade to premium.


Figure 1-8

  1. If you have purchased a license, activate ESET Mobile Security for Android.
  2. Once ESET Mobile Security is activated, configure Anti-Theft protection and add a Trusted Friend to your device. You can use a Trusted friend's phone and your enabled Anti-Theft account to help you reset your Security password and restore access to your device if you forget or lose your Security password. 
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