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Exclude groups from report

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Hi all,

I want to create a report which displays all agent less computers, excepts the disabled computers and the servers.
I set up a report template with tables:
- Computer name
- Managed computer
- Static group description

The filter would be used to filter out the static groups with servers and disabled computers.
However, I could not exclude static groups from the report.

- I could select 'Static Group' and select 'in' .... However, when I select more then one static group I receive 'Error displaying report: Internal report error'.
- Another option is to filter on 'Static group name' and select 'not equal' to. However, this will only give me a filter on one static group name and I need to select more then one.
- I could filter on Computer description and select 'not equal to disabled'. But this will gve me a lot of work, as I will need to manually put in all the computer descriptions....

Is there already a solution to filter out static groups?
This question is also asked in this topic. As posted on December 19, 2017 the eset staff will report a bug....

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