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  1. And where is that "Micro PCU" option located in ESET ESMC and/or ESET Endpoint Security?
  2. Found the solution by disabling the option "Enable detection of application modification" within the Firewall settings.
  3. @MartinK, EDIT: A found the solution by comparing the policies within ESET ESMC and another restart of the server. Still one problem as the ESET firewall seems to blocking some traffic. After installing the agent, I receive the same errors in the status.html report. When pausing the firewall (allow all traffic), the agent will successfully connect to ESMC.
  4. Could you specify where I need to check that "Proxy configuration type" is marked as "apply"? Do you mean forcing the policy setting? Attached the configuration file that was collected with the diagnostic.exe configuration.txt In this file the actual hostname is replaced with <HOSTNAME>. The line {"ce_val":"1","ce_flg":"2"}},"proxy_configuration_type": does not have a configuration, so it could be right that there is no setting applied. EDIT: It seems that HTTP Proxy was not enabled. I have enabled "Use Proxy server" under Admin > Server Setting
  5. We are testing the new agent on three clients now. None of these clients is connecting to ESMC. Old agent 6.5 can connect successfully. No firewall is blocking the used ports. ESMC holds TCP connection, as the old client agents are still connected. We are using HTTP Apache Proxy and the http.conf is configured according to the manuals on ESET. The existing file used for 6.5 is used an a line is added: #Allow connection to my ESMC Server machine <ProxyMatch ^(Hotname(:[0-9]+)?(\/.*)?|IPAddress(:[0-9]+)?(\/.*)?)$> Allow from all </ProxyMatch> AllowCO
  6. Hi all, Recently, we have upgraded Eset Remote Administrator 6.5 to Eset Security Management Center 7. Everything works fine, old Eset Remote Administrator Agents 6.X are connecting succesfully to ESMC. However, when we are upgrading the agents to Eset Security Management Agent 7.X, the client could not connect to the server. See attached screenshot for the status log details. As suggested in other topics, I have restarted the ESMC server several times and reinstalled the Agent. Unfortunately, this does not resolve the issue. Policies and proxy are created as described in
  7. Thank you for your post. As ESMC 7 is released, I did a quick search for the ESET Management Agent (https://www.eset.com/int/business/security-management-center/download/#standalone). This version (7.0.418.0) is supported till macOS 10.13 (High Sierra). So, Is this version already available/supported for macOS 10.14?
  8. Hello, Is the Eset Remote Administrator Agent already supported on macOS 10.14 (Mojave)? On the website of ESET, there is only a version available supported till macOS 10.12. See: ESET Remote Administrator 6 Standalone Installers Regards,
  9. Hi all, I want to create a report which displays all agent less computers, excepts the disabled computers and the servers. I set up a report template with tables: - Computer name - Managed computer - Static group description The filter would be used to filter out the static groups with servers and disabled computers. However, I could not exclude static groups from the report. - I could select 'Static Group' and select 'in' .... However, when I select more then one static group I receive 'Error displaying report: Internal report error'. - Another option is to filter on
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