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Steam problems with firewall

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I have a problem with the Eset Smart security 7 Firewall.


It began about 3 days ago, even though I have had steam installed for a year on this system, Eset began asking repeatedly for more ports/destination addresses for Steam to access, despite Steam having been given full in/out permissions on UDP and TCP.

I even created a second rule that allowed specifically all the ports and ranges that steam actually uses, and yet it still asks for more.


I think Eset is the problem because Steam is meant to have full access anyway, it's not that steam is requesting something out of its normal bounds, Eset just keeps asking tens, even hundreds of times for every single IP and socket every few seconds. It makes playing games impossible, and Steam is unable to download updates most of the time because it's being prevented from accessing the CDN most of the time unless I sit there and click through tens or even hundreds of requests.


Any ideas?


I've already tried reinstalling steam just in case, but it didn't help.

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