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Changing of ERA MDC default ports

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does it possible to change ERA Mobile Device Connector`s 9980 (Mobile device enrollment port) and 9981 (Mobile device communication port) default listening ports to another ports in Linux?

I want to use two different Virtual Appliance ERA (CentOS+MySQL) and MDM (CentOS).


One MDM is for testing, and one for production environment.

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I myself found solution:

First need to change ports in ERA MDC Policy at Admin>Policies>ESET Remote Administrator Mobile Device Connector Policy then in General change Port (default 9981 to for example 9991) and Enrollment Port (default 9980 to 9990).

After that need to open MDM Virtual Machine (when running MDM Virtual Appliance) and log in to Terminal.

In file  /etc/sysconfig/IPtables find line: -A INPUT -p tcp  -m tcp --dport 9980:9981 -j ACCEPT

replace default ports to 9991 and 9990: -A INPUT -p tcp  -m tcp --dport 9990:9991 -j ACCEPT
Save changes and restart Virtual Machine with command: shutdown -r now
Now MDM is working on new ports and need in ERA to re-enroll mobile devices.
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