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Hello to the Eset Forum,

I have a 'talktalk.net' e-mail address, however I access e-mails by way of Microsoft Office Outlook (2007).

Since January 2013, I have been receiving varying amounts of 'spam' e-mail messages every month which 'Outlook' manages to successfully prevent from appearing in the Outlook 'In-box'. However those 'spam' messages do appear on the 'talktalk' webmail in-box, as well as all the legitimate e-mail messages.

The information received from 'TalkTalk' is that I and other recipients of spam e-mail are on different 'platforms' from other subscribers and that their engineers are working on the matter of spam e-mail. Their advice is to mark those messages as spam and put them in the spam folder, then delete the messages. This does nothing to stop them appearing again. There are 'filtering' and 'blocking sender' facilities available on other 'platforms', but not on the 'platform' that I have.

As a result of that problem, I decided to 'join' the 'TalkTalk' Forum and the link below is the start of a thread I (under the name of Dorset Rover) posted on 22nd January 2013.


It is just one of the many threads on the TalkTalk forum pages relating to the subject of spam e-mail.

My question to you is this:

Is there any way that Eset Smart Security can be configured to my 'TalkTalk' webmail so as to prevent spam messages coming into TalkTalk's inbox?

I have looked at the Eset E-Mail client protection (configuration) page, leading to 'Advanced Set-Up' and other 'help' pages however it is far too advanced and complicated for me to consider changing anything from the default settings.

I look forward to any help you can offer.

Kind regards,


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Thank you for posting on the forums, and thank you for choosing ESET.


I am reluctant to inform you of bad news but, Eset Smart Security does indeed have a mail protection system that will protect your E-mail system, however it is so far only compatible with the following:

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Express/Windows Mail

Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.

These are solid applications which are installed on your entire system.

The foundation behind ESET's mail protection is the protocol checking , pop3, pop3S, IMAP, IMAPS ( This is the way mail is brought into your computer and into the mail program installed on your desktop. )


Unfortunately there is no support for the webmail interface, and there are thousands of different web mail interfaces on the web.

The mail you are reading there theoretically is not actually received into your computer. It resides on the mail server of the company, and you are kindly given an interface or platform at which to "view the mail".

Any threats will be caught through the http protocol, or a different if downloading attachment etc.


Outlook is your best bet for filtering those emails using ESET.

Creating Microsoft Rules and Alerts would be the second best option for you on your spam management. The whitelist and blacklist function of outlook can sometimes be thwarted by the spammer by using a different domain.

If a rule was created with conditions of string inside subject or body, you may have a larger impact on spam management.

Email containing "Injury/Accident Claims" Send to Junk or Trash bin.


Hope this comes of some assistance for you. :)

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Hello Arakasi and many thanks for such a prompt response, despite the 'bad news' .


I have had no spam whatsoever through the 'Outlook' in-box, however I still have to log in to 'TalkTalk' webmail in order to delete all the genuine messages and 'mark as spam' all the spam messages and transfer them to the 'Spam' folder and then delete them from there. Slightly tedious at times!


With that in mind and accepting that this may be the wrong place to ask the following question, do you know if it is possible to configure 'Outlook' to delete messages left in the 'TalkTalk' in-box  once those messages have been transferred/displayed in 'Outlook'?


Thank you again,



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It is possible you can try the following option to assist with deleting mail on TalkTalk in-box.


Windows 7 environment:

Click on Start, then choose Control Panel

In the top left of Control Panel, next to "View by:" Select Small icons.

Alphabetically you should find the option for Mail (32-bit)

Choose Email accounts, under the Email tab find your email address or account and click the Change button across the top.

There should be a More Settings button on the lower right.

Click the advanced tab across the top.

On Delivery check the option for "Remove from server when deleted from 'deleted items' ".

Attached is a picture to ensure you are in the right location.


Hope that solves your issues going forward. :)


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Arakasi - thank you again for your reply to my question.


I should have mentioned that my P.C. is running Windows 8, for which I apologise, however I have looked at the Outlook Account Settings on my P.C. and found the page you have shown above.


There are a couple of differences in the settings on that page compared to the settings shown in your message:


1. The 'Outgoing Server (SMTP) shows 587 and

2. the '....encrypted connection' is shown as SSL.


Assuming that the above 2 settings relate to Windows 8 and are correct - I can receive and send e-mail without a problem so I presume they are correct - will checking the option for "Remove from server when deleted from 'deleted items' " be a safe way to move forward?


Thank you once more.



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Good day Castle.


The settings in my picture above regarding SMTP and SSL are significant and proprietary to my own personal Mail servers alone.


Talktalk email server will have a different port open and listening on, then my email server. Which is 587 vs my servers port 465,

however both ports are known for SSL traffic which is when emails sent and received are encrypted and secure from prying eyes.


They dont relate to windows 8, but to email server settings.

I would not adjust those on your settings.


Only select "Remove from server when deleted from 'deleted items' "

Which essentially will do the following :

When you delete emails from Deleted items completely in Microsoft Outlook on your own desktop. The email server will also empty them from its directories as well.


*Be warned* If you delete a legitimate email from Outlook, it will no longer be residing on your email server, and thus retreiving the deleted email will be done by contacting Talktalk directly for recovery.

However, if you delete a spam email from your local desktop in Outlook environment, the spam email will be removed from your Talktalk webmail interface as well.

Edited by Arakasi
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