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Exchange Mail Flow issues with EMSX

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We are having issues with the mail flow in our Exchange 2016 CU8 with the latest version of EMSX (6.5.10019.2). 


Sometimes all from the sudden the mail flow is not working properly: 

- Test-MailFlow resulting is FAILED

- Mail delivery to Outlook/OWA clients from internal and external mails is heavily delayed (it takes up to 20 mins until recipient received mail). 

- Internal mails from SMTP clients sometimes fail to send due to timeout  

We already set automatic exceptions for Exchange in ESMX via ERA and added manual exceptions for folders, processes and file extensions used by Exchange Server. 

The following Server Settings are enabled:

- Mail transport protection

- Antivirus and antispyware mail transport protection

- Antispam protection

- On-demand database scan


Is this a known issue and if yes when will you fix it? 

Or dou you have any ideas how to debug this issue? I couldn‘t find any related messages in ESMX debug log nor Exchange eventlogs.

By the way is ESMX fully compatible with Exchange Server 2016 CU9?


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