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Win32/Kryptik.BORN - file encrypted

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Hi Guys,


I think I probably know the answer, but just for kicks


anyone have any way/tools that I can use to decrypt files encrypted by Win32/Kryptik.BORN ? I'm out of ideas, and web searches are not turning up any thing that can help

even brute force decryptors will make me happy, anything? please?



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Can I ask if you have checked shadow copies on the machine? as those files will still be unencrypted, Failing that this is why a backup is a good thing to have even on a single machine.






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Kryptik detections are detections of the packer and doesn't tell anything about the malware itself. I'd suggest submitting a couple of encrypted files along with a file containing instructions how to get the decryption key to ESET to confirm they cannot be decoded.

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