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DESlock+ Client 4.9.0 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server 2.9.2 have been released

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DESlock+ Client 4.9.0 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server 2.9.2 have been released and are available to download.

DESlock Client 4.9.0

  • Changed: (UEFI only) New graphical bootloader with onscreen touch keyboard. Provides an improved experience on high-DPI displays and tablets
  • Fixed: Additional protection of disk clusters containing FDE metadata to prevent third-party processes from overriding file locking and relocating bootloader code and data. This prevents boot-time failures under version 4.8.17 which was recalled on 23rd August 2017
  • Fixed: Checking for and protection of relocated FDE metadata which may occur on systems which were initially full-disk encrypted with version 4.8.17
  • Fixed: Auto enrolment (ES Direct) could show conversion UI twice when converting auto-encrypted machine as network initialized
  • Fixed: Improved Alt-Gr support for keyboards during pre-boot authentication

DESlock Enterprise Server 2.9.2

  • Added: Ability to rename console login from control panel
  • Added: Custom graphical bootloader custom image to install package
  • Changed: Updated version of libCurl to 7.55.1
  • Changed: Admin password reset tool can now unlock any System Admin account
  • Changed: Enterprise Server now stores a transaction log of FDE recovery data
  • Changed: Added new workstation policy for caching the FDE login username at pre-boot
  • Changed: Auto encrypt policies are enabled by default and do not require manual configuration changes
  • Changed: Allowed more time for database restore operations (now defaults to 10 minute wait)
  • Changed: Database restore wait time is configurable to increase it beyond 10 minutes
  • Improved: Reporting of errors from internet communications
  • Improved: Remote install functions for better error reporting
  • Improved: Translations and fitment of some UI
  • Improved: Reporting of error from push installs
  • Improved: Error message for client too old for TPM support
  • Improved: Error message for failed remote uninstall
  • Fixed: Reporting of workstation delete event
  • Fixed: Problem with AD sync errors caused by earlier failed database upgrade
  • Fixed: Problem performing license operations with emails that needed encoding
  • Fixed: Ability to clear string type DESlock+ policy elements i.e. set an empty string
  • Fixed: Some license resync problems
  • Fixed: Error reporting problem when attempting to add a license that already existed
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when no users were found in an LDAP search
  • Fixed: Workstation log which didn't correctly report event text
  • Fixed: Implemented some missing translation strings for previous updates
  • Fixed: Allowed "DESlock+ not installed" error to be reported correctly on remote uninstall
  • Fixed: Problem in Active Directory sync that could occur if you upgraded from 2.7.2
  • Fixed: JavaScript error in control panel if you have no permissions to view logins

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