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Eset Smart Security 7 and banking sites

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How does Eset Smart Security 7 keeps me sfae when i do my Banking things on a banking site? Because some other vendors do hafe safepay or something but what does Eset have too prevent fraude on these site?

I hope for a anwser back.





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Safepay and similar banking technologies are simply a sandbox.

ESET does not use a sandbox.


You can download sandboxie which i think is one of the easiest sandbox programs to use.


As far as ESET protecting you from the web and sites you visit , including your banking......

ESET is the best at Anti-phishing see attached file. . .


ESET offers secure web browsing through protocol scanning of http and https.

Also provides SSL scanning for encrypted traffic back and forth between you and your bank/banks webserver/database etc.

Or any SSL traffic for that matter.





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If you know that your PC is clean, your browser is not hijacked, and you are connecting to your online bank using https. Then there's not much to worry about really. 

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