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The self-development program is blocked on the eset firewall


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Try in the firewall with the web and e-mail settings to exclude or firewall rules, the first time can be normal implementation of the problem in the implementation of the second time after the implementation of the client can not use the program to upload their own data.
The client program simply uses the FTP protocol to upload the client data.

Test problems found on the network card ESET Firewall option removed, the problem will not happen, may be able to send the principle from the ESET Remote Administrator set a large number of options to remove ESET Firewall?

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Dear Marcos

Thank you for your reply.

The interesting place in this question

Reference Open or close (allow or deny) a specific port on the ESET Personal firewall
The first time can be the normal implementation of self-developed programs,
If set or exclude errors, why the first time the normal implementation of self-developed program?
This part there are too many places to discuss, then we think back, there is no way to remove the network card from the console ESET Firewall option, will raise such a problem, it is very simple that the number of client computers more than 50 Above the station, it is impossible to one by one to carry out such a setting


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Please answer my question - does pausing firewall from gui make the issue go away? If so, then all you need to do is to set up the appropriate rule as all non-initiated inbound traffic is blocked in automatic mode. Do not remove "ESET firewall" from network properties or you will disable the firewall completely.

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First thank you for your reply,

The first part of the closure from the GUI ESET firewall will not produce such a problem, select from the filter mode will automatically cause such a problem occurs, select the interactive mode can learn the rules but the rules in the same implementation of the client program After causing the same problem.

The second part of the client program directly uses the Microsoft built-in firewall to prevent any rules from being created and can not be applied from the simultaneous evaluation of Microsoft Firewall rules to the ESET firewall.

Finally, this program is necessary for the client to use the program, which will affect the client when the client to use EEPS or other brands of anti-virus software.

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