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Is ESET vulnerable towards Ransomware Attack?

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Hello Everybody,

As we have witnessed a mass ransomware attack emerged globally stealing and giving problems to many peoples around the globe

So taking a step towards prevention I have my PC installed with ESET Internet Security.

And I was quite happy with it .

But I doubt its anti-malware protection because recently I ran the ransim setup from www.knowbe4.com/ransomware-simulator

In the 1st run it scored a 100% in the blocking of all the threats.

But When I ran it for the 2nd time it blocked none and the setup showed I am 100% vulnerable if an actual ransomware attack happens.

But I am happy that during the 2nd time it blocked none but sent the 10/10 ransomware variants to ESET as a Sample.

Would it be effective ?

Will ESET score the perfect 10 as it did in the 1st Run? 

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This test doesn't show how effective AVs are against encryption. Firstly, there are many ways how encryption can be done. The simulator simulates the behavior that can happen when files get encrypted but it cannot cover all ways of encryption. Secondly, legitimate software may also work in a way that is utilized by ransomware. Encryption as such is not always malicious and it's been used for perfectly legitimate purposes for ages. It is necessary to correctly distinguish between malicious and innocuous applications which may be a daunting task.

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