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  1. Been Using ESET for past 7 Years, And I am thankful to this community for creating such a wonderful product. But Sometimes I wonder is ESET capable of using hardware based security features like Windows Defender does? Or take advantage of the existing modules to make it work better attaching some Snapshots of Windows Defender for better understanding
  2. Hello There As you can see from Pictures above, I have received both the 2020-01 and the 2020-02 update. This notification is pointless then
  3. Currently I'm on Windows 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.693 and using ESET Internet Security v13.0.24.0 Recently I'm getting these false update notifications about Windows updates. This is always showing up at the start or at any random interval. Attaching Images for further clarification. I don't even know how to properly describe the issue. Never happened with me before. Using ESET from past 4 years on various of my devices.
  4. It can be a RAM problem or a graphics card related problem AVs cant do the screen flickering There must be something that is putting high load on your RAM Either you have a defective RAM or you can install more RAM And the problem is not related to AVs
  5. Sometimes This thing could happen if the modules are incorrectly configured and there may be some kind of trouble in your system during the installation process In many cases reinstalling fixes the issue but if you are lingering with your issue you could provide a screenshot of the settings section
  6. I mean accidentally stopped i.e. ESET is not responsible for the system power down It was the power cable fault The issue is that after downloading all the necessary files for version upgrade the computer needs to be restarted but as The computer power downs suddenly the version remains the same that remained before and is not able to download any version upgrade components until you reinstall it
  7. Hello Everyone As I am a ESET User I am quite satisfied with it and I keep experimenting with it. As I can see If you download a product upgrade it suggests you to reboot your system to apply that update but accidentally if your system stops suddenly after the downloading is complete but the system is not rebooted to apply the upgrade. You could face that the product will not upgrade itself till you uninstall and reinstall it. Isn't there is a solution to it? Without Reinstalling as you can lose your license
  8. Hello Everybody, As we have witnessed a mass ransomware attack emerged globally stealing and giving problems to many peoples around the globe So taking a step towards prevention I have my PC installed with ESET Internet Security. And I was quite happy with it . But I doubt its anti-malware protection because recently I ran the ransim setup from www.knowbe4.com/ransomware-simulator In the 1st run it scored a 100% in the blocking of all the threats. But When I ran it for the 2nd time it blocked none and the setup showed I am 100% vulnerable if an actual ransomware a
  9. How does ESET protects from Ransomwares How effectively it can safeguard its users from WANNACRY ransomware
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