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ESET for MAC can't remove Thread's

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Just installed Endpoint for MAC + Remote Agent on a Macbook Air OSX Sierra. Scan found several Threads from Trojan to Adware. First i scanned the File with "without cleaning" because i first wanted to see what was found. after that i scanned the target with a scan and the cleaning option.

now if i look on the found threads it says the following: ACTION ERROR: Unable to clean.

For Example this is the File Location: (ESET won't show me the absolute Path...maybe too long?)

file:////Volumes/MobileBackups 1/Backups.backupdb/Davids MacBook Air/2017-06-24-115304/Macintosh HD/Users/davidomoayere/Library/Mail/V4/5F8130D6-8B1D-44CA-AE61-56BD1BFFA8EC/Gesendete Elemente.mbox/0F3410EE-8CC3-4142-BDB3-3EB6FC32DD6F/Data/6/2/9/Attachm...

What can i do to remove those Threads? Live CD available for MAC? (Didn't found one).



Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-01 um 10.02.08.png

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as shown on the screenshot, the files are being detected in the Time machine backup files.

Deleting the files would break the integrity of the backup.

I would recommend you to make a backup from a clean state and delete the old backups with malicious files inside.

Regards, P.R.

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